Launching a community forum for icon designers

You’ve read it right 🙌 We are opening a new platform for Iconfinder contributors to connect, learn from each other, and get valuable tips from our team.

We’ve been talking internally about this idea for a while, and we are thrilled to finally bring the forum to life. We’ve pondered over different platforms to use for the community space and ended up picking a third-party solution that meets our requirements of being minimalistic, easy to use, and where sharing images is well-supported. With a current solution, it should be easy for designers to share work in progress, tips, and tricks.

Join now! (Use invite code “CONTRIBUTOR”)

The purpose of the forum

We are firm believers in collaboration and transparency. These are the values that have naturally been ingrained in our company culture from day one. We’ve strived to embrace them when communicating with designers as well — by sharing detailed sales analytics, publishing quarterly designer reports, and providing prompt and personal support whenever anything went wrong.

Now it’s time to take these values one step further and open a safe space for all contributors to share information, ask questions, and provide feedback to us.

Occasionally, we receive questions from icon designers that we don’t necessarily have an answer to. However, there is a high chance that someone from the more than three thousand icon design practitioners on Iconfinder may have an insight or a solution. We want to provide a centralized space for such interactions, and we hope the forum will help to spark some interesting discussions.

What exactly can you talk about?

An example of an exchange could be a post from a designer who wants to experiment with a new style, but they are not sure if this has a sales potential.

Clicking the Tags menu item gives you a good overview of the places you can make a new post.

Posting your work-in-progress in the forum and asking for feedback would be a faster approach to test an idea rather than creating a full icon set and then keeping an eye on the sales trends. Such discussions will be welcome in the Icon design feedback tag.

If you want to get other designers’ opinions about a tool or software that you are eager to try, head to the Design tools & resources tag.

The Iconfinder team will be waiting to hear your feedback and ideas about our marketplace in the Feedback & ideas section.

We also have dedicated tags for Iconfinder Announcements, Business tips, and a Random section for anything that doesn’t fall into the other categories.

Code of conduct

As in any public space, virtual or real, it is important to establish some basic rules to make sure everyone feels respected, safe, and welcome.

Make sure you acknowledge the founding rules before signing up:

  1. Read others’ posts and replies before writing your own to avoid unnecessary duplicates.
  2. Stay on topic. Off-topic posts will be removed.
  3. Be kind to each other. Use polite language.
  4. Communicate in English.
  5. Be clear and concise, and try to write your best English. This helps everyone. Use a grammar corrector if necessary.
  6. No spam (no shameless promotional material, no irrelevant posts with the goal of advertising, phishing, etc.).
  7. No personal copyright infringement claims. These will be written to General copyright discussions are allowed.
  8. Flag posts that do not follow these guidelines to help keep the forum clean and relevant.

We will not tolerate any harassment or mean language. If you happen to notice anything that goes against our rules (or common sense), make sure to flag the post or/and inform us.

Join today!

To be successful, the forum requires engagement both from us and the community. We hope that you will help us kick things off by sharing your very first “hello” message under Monica’s post in the Announcements tag or asking a question in any of the remaining channels.

You can sign up using your Iconfinder account and the invite code “CONTRIBUTOR” on

This help article gives you more practical information about using the forum and setting up notifications so that you can stay in the loop.

See you all there 👋



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