Safe search is live

While we love growing a diverse collection of content that touches on a wide array of topics, we’ve realized that with it comes the responsibility to shield certain viewers from potential unwanted results. Enter our newest feature: the Safe search! With this tool users can opt to filter out explicit icons, catering each search to one’s own comfort level.

How to turn on Safe search?

After placing any word into the search bar, in the top right corner of the results page click “Settings” and toggle on the “Safe search” option seen below.

Safe search can be enabled from the settings menu when searching.

Once the toggle is enabled, your safe searches can begin! Remember that every time you quit the browser, this may reset and you’ll have to turn it back when reopening the site.

Search for “toy” returns a mix of kids’ toys, but also sex toys. All explicit content is marked with an “E”.
With Safe Search on, only kids’ toys are shown in search results. No explicit icons appear.

What content will it filter out?

As you can see in the example above, mature content has been removed from the results. The Safe search will help filter out explicit icons (such as nudity, graphic violence, drug use, etc.) that may not be suitable for underage and workplace viewing. The tags and context of an icon within a set are also taken into consideration.

Who is this feature for?

Anyone and everyone who would simply prefer not to see explicit icons appear in their searches. Whether you’re searching for a work project, or managing controls for underage users, this feature is here to give you options. API customers also have this ability to enable this feature for their users as well.

While we do our best, we cannot always guarantee 100% accuracy. If you see an explicit icon during a Safe search, please alert us by clicking the “give feedback” button on the icon’s details page.



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