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We are very excited to announce the first fruit of our friendship with IconJar. All icon sets on Iconfinder are now supported in IconJar format. That means more than 40,000 icon sets are available for an effortless import to IconJar along with their metadata. This is a step forward in making the process of working with icons easier and great news for those who maintain extensive icon libraries while also frequently search for new designs. It was about time!

If you happen to not know what IconJar is, it’s a macOS app for organizing icons, which really deserves your attention if you work with lots of icons. It helps to seamlessly search, recolor, resize, export and drop the icons into any software of your choice. It works like a charm for bulk edits and exports, and so far it’s hard to find another app that compares in terms of features and functionality. Therefore, we at Iconfinder see IconJar as our best desktop “buddy”.

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This past week we were working closely with IconJar guys to make the process of importing icon sets from Iconfinder to IconJar way more smoother. From now on, you have an option to download any of our sets in a special format for IconJar that will carry all the necessary metadata along. Tags, icon set name and the licensing info from Iconfinder will all be translated into IconJar data and will appear as the icon info in the app. Imported icon sets will also be automatically organized into Groups.

All Iconfinder users can now download any of the free icon sets in IconJar format. Premium sets in this format are supported for our Pro Unlimited subscribers. To download a set in IconJar format, simply click the arrow on the green “Download all icons” button at the top right corner on a set preview page and choose “Download as IconJar file”.

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When you download the IconJar format from Iconfinder it will appear in your Downloads folder as a .zip file. When you extract the .zip, double clicking the IconJar file will open the icons directly in IconJar app, where they will be automatically organized and described.

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We see this as the very beginning of integrating the two products better. In the upcoming weeks, we will start supporting IconJar format for not only sets, but also individual icons. In the future we aim to further improve the icon workflow for designers by allowing them to download IconJar files directly, skipping the step of extracting a .zip file. Stay tuned!



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