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Last month we released a major upgrade to our messaging feature. Now users and designers can effortlessly undergo any custom design order using our simple messaging interface. The updated interface can be used to issue a prepayment request, pay it, send attachments and confirm project delivery. In this post we will look at some of the first custom projects ran using the tool.

Keeping it personal yet professional

Since the release, a bunch of designers have completed their custom design orders using the new feature. The tool turned out to be especially handy for smaller to medium design projects, where the customer directly and closely interacts with the designer.

The feature helps both sides feel secure about the project delivery, adding a level of legitimacy to what initially seems to be a personal interaction. Designer feels safe about kickstarting the work as soon as she sees the client has made the prepayment, while the client knows that Iconfinder will stand by their back in case the designer doesn’t deliver on their promise.

Iconfinder’s messaging interface

In this post we will look into two recent projects completed by one of our top contributors, Laura Reen. Both clients were startups that were looking for personal touch to the design process without a need to sacrifice on professionalism and efficiency. Using our messaging feature, each project took just around a week to be fully completed.

Redesign of 9Fold’s marketing websites

One of the clients, 9Fold, is a software company enabling restaurants to receive online orders directly from their existing website. Their process also involves built-in marketing solutions that help restaurants convert more business.

We asked Laura to create six icons and a footer as a part of redesign and rebranding process of our current marketing website. We needed to properly show restaurants that our service focuses on using data to market their own online ordering system on autopilot. We needed a way to quickly show potential clients that we are not just a passive way to receive orders online as other restaurant ordering systems, nor do we charge in the same fashion. It is difficult to tell our story quickly and get to the true pain points of our target market without use of good imagery.” — Matthew Volpe, Managing Partner at 9Fold

Matthew asked Laura to create icons that would represent these functions:

  1. Driving data
  2. Responsive web ordering
  3. 24/7 order monitoring
  4. Email marketing
  5. Dedicated dashboard
  6. Social engagement
Icons designed by Laura Reen for 9Fold

Matthew from 9Fold and their team is very passionate about what they are doing. Before starting project we had several discussions in which direction to go, and how better to describe features for their specific needs. Some icons took more time to tune them for very specific 9Fold service needs, but in general it took around week to go through project.” — Laura Reen, Icon Designer

Footer image designed by Laura Reen for 9Fold

New look and feel of CenterHelper’s website

CenterHelper is a communication and management tool for small tutoring centers. The tool helps clients track and manage everything from students, parents, employees, and center resources.

As CenterHelper started onboarding new customers, the team decided that the website needs some design upgrades to have a more professional look and feel. They decided to go with two groups of new icons and a header image.

Header image deisgned by Laura Reen for CenterHelper

“Laura and I had worked together in the past and I loved her style. There was a very general requirement for colors, but I really appreciate Laura’s style, it matches our customers and the product, so I wanted her to have autonomy and ownership.” — Michael Xia, Co-founder of CenterHelper

The featured icons had to represent these functions:

  • - Live Tracking — Real-time student and assistant tracking;
  • - Scheduler — Simplified student and assistant time-slotting;
  • - Center Management — Increase center day efficiency;
  • - Marketing Campaign — Quickly grow new customers with intelligent referral and marketing campaigns.
Featured icons designed by Laura Reen for CenterHelper

The pricing icons were needed to display four pricing tiers on the website.

“The most fun in this project was to create 4 icons for pricing plans. I decided to go with space. I chose planets with different satellites for Standards, solar system for Professional, and constellation for something bigger — Enterprise plan.” — Laura Reen

Pricing icons designed by Laura Reen for CenterHelper

Safe and convenient way to undergo custom projects

Both Laura and the clients were happy about the safety and simplicity of running the custom projects through the new Iconfinder’s feature.

I thought it was convenient, also felt safer than the normal bank transfers that I made. Would definitely use it again.” — Michael

I have previously burnt a few times when starting a project without prepayment from the client. It happened that customer decided to stop building the system in the middle of collaboration and lost interest in project. With Iconfinder’s Request Payment service, customers can be sure that collaboration will be safe and jump into it, and I can have more awesome and challenging projects without any risk.” — Laura

Interested in ordering tailor-made icons? Start by sending a message to your prefered icon designer.



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