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Everyone should have a chance to try the best of Iconfinder. Jump on a 7-day free trial with 10 credits included.

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3 min readApr 22, 2022


Iconfinder has always been about the customer experience. Searching for icons is easy. Using filters to show only paid or free icons…fast. But how about making the access and use of the graphics swift and smooth? That’s what Iconfinder Pro is here for and now, with the first 7 days for free.

We think that everyone should be able to try the experience of Pro. It comes with the ease of downloading graphics directly to their desktop without going through the “add to cart and checkout” hassle. Or the convenience of being able to copy and paste graphics into any tool. Here’s a chance for anyone to try all the Pro features and make beautiful designs faster.

Sing up for a free Iconfinder Pro trial.

Let someone ride along

The trial lets you jump on the Pro Micro plan, which comes with three seats, so two of your colleagues can try it with you. You’ll get ten credits that you can spend on downloading all three types of content- icons, illustrations, and 3Ds.

You will be able to enjoy many Pro benefits:

Accessing a great variety of high-quality content

Millions of icons. Thousands of illustrations and 3Ds. Different styles and large families. Everything is hand-picked and organized, so you can always find a fit for your needs and keep your designs consistent.

Features that make collaboration easier

After adding your team members to the plan, you can see each other’s downloads and create shared collections of content. This makes it super easy to coordinate graphics used in certain projects and download the same content your colleagues did.

Color editor

To make your design process even smoother, we made recoloring icons and illustrations as worry-free as possible. With our built-in editor, the recoloring takes only a few clicks, and you can even save frequently used colors and edited versions for the future.

Now, you can get all of this and much more for free. So go ahead and try it out for a week!

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