Update to Sales analytics

There are two sides to being a successful icon designer — the artistic side and the business side. Making sense of data is essential if you want to become better at the business side of things. To help you with that, we publish a quarterly report that gives you the macro trends. And now we have reworked the Sales analytics and are ready to launch the first version.

There are currently three reports:

  1. A daily overview that shows sales per day split into icons, icon sets, and family sales.
  2. Icon sales report that shows sales from both Pay-As-You-Go users and Pro subscribers.
  3. Icon set sales report that shows how much each icon set generates, including sales from the icons in the icon set. You can navigate from this report to see details about which icons are selling in a specific icon set.

If you want to analyze the data in more detail, you can export all reports to CSV format. We’ll be adding charts and other details soon. Let us know what you think.

Head over to the new Sales analytics.




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Martin LeBlanc

Martin LeBlanc

Founder+CEO of @iconfinder, co-organizer of the @forgecph conference and @dribbble meetups

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