Week of Icons freebies

Week of Icons was a shared initiative between Iconfinder and Adobe Illustrator to celebrate the craftsmanship of icon design. During this week-long celebration we published a bunch of useful tutorials and gave away five top-notch icon set freebies.

Here are the links to all freebies generously provided by some of the world’s greatest icon designers.

Day 1 — User Interface icons by Ramy Wafaa a.k.a. Roundicons

Also check Optimize Icon Design with More Artboards by Scott Lewis.

Day 2 — Business & Finance icons by Icojam

Also check Use Artboards & Export to Auto-tag Icons by Scott Lewis.

Day 3 — User Interface icons by Gasper Vidovic a.k.a. Picons

Also check Gasper’s tutorial Prepare SVG icons for icon fonts.

Day 4 — Kitchen & Food icons by Dmitry Mirolyubov

Also check Icons for the Ages by The Creative Cloud Team.

Day 5 — User Interface icons by Jory Raphael

Also check Jory’s post How Kickstarter helped bootstrap my new icon set.




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Ieva Andriuleviciute

Ieva Andriuleviciute

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