Weekly Design Inspiration #79

Endless Summer by Scott Tusk
Thinking of a master plan by Greg Fisk
Twitter Redesign: Icons by Jeremy Reiss
Funny Icons by Pavel Kozlov
Isometric Illustration by Virgil Pana
Onboarding — Pocketbook Gif by Andrew McKay
Burger by Vy Tat
Basic Expenses doodles by Laura Reen
OmniVirt icons by buatoom
Wonde: Animals for kids by Laura Reen
Maple Syrup Sticker by Elliot Belchatovski
Web Illustrations by Pavel Kozlov
Sign up Sign up… Read all about it! by Chloe Jackson
Office Navigation Icons by Denis Rodchenko
Unigrid Phantom Buildings vol.1 by Icojam
Zy Landing Page by Ranjith Alingal
Coffee Shop Icons by Lavinia Lorena
Illy Coffee Machine by Alex Kunchevsky
Startup 3 by Sooodesign
Zepl: illustration style 1 by Gustavo Zambelli
Skate Apple for Lifesum by Markus Magnusson
Hello, Dribbble! by Dong-D
MAKE IT SNAPPY! by Tomas Brunsdon



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