Weekly Design Inspiration #86

Star Lord by Aleksey Rico
Tinder × Most Right Swiped Jobs by ccccccc
Mountains by Elliot Belchatovski
Ueno Branding : Gone Fishin’ by ueno.
Space Shuttle by Alex Kunchevsky
Foodie Iconography by Zach Roszczewski
Illustration III by Kendrick Kidd
Flat Board by Kokota
Publisher icon by Evgeniy Artsebasov
Business and Finance by icontree
Unfold + Sweet by Eddie Lobanovskiy
Unigrid Phantom Vehicles vol.3 by Icojam
MessageBird Illustration and Icons by Ryan Putnam
Animalators by Bee Grandinetti
Workspace by Alex Kunchevsky
Tinder × Models by ccccccc
Goodbyes by brian hurst
Accept Evrything by Eddie Lobanovskiy
Coffee Brewer by Pixelwolfie
Brain by uixNinja
Sony Controllers by Aleksandar Savic
Boat Mark by Nick Slater
Bottle pack by Julien
Deligator by Tony Babel

Have some cool examples of your design work where you use icons from Iconfinder? Share it with us! We would love to see the icons taking on a new life. Send us an email to contact@iconfinder.com ✌️



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