Weekly Design Inspiration #88

Explorer by Eldar Khalibauri
From Mumbai to Houston by Meg
Home page by ranganath krishnamani
Coffee by LINECTOR
Scale by Nick Slater
Firetruck — Turnable by Guillaume Kurkdjian
New Character Design by Gigantic
Penciled [process] by Burnt Toast Creative
Slam! by Vincenzo Insinna
M Connect and share v1.1 by Kálmán Magyari
School Icons by Sergey Ershov
Ep 07 — Rider on the storm by Eran Mendel
Bitcoin icons by Dmitriy Mir
Work Space by Tristan Kromopawiro
More icons by Darius Dan
Brazil by Anano Miminoshvili
Clean Wallet Application by Filip Legierski
Trippy Destination by Pavlov Visuals
Kitchen and food icons by Dmitriy Mir
application UI by uixNinja
Traffic School Icons by Vy Tat
Cats. Cats. Cats. by Chris Fernandez
Doge by Anano Miminoshvili
Old Bridge by Alex Pasquarella
Working from Home by Jakov Suran

Have some cool examples of your design work where you use icons from Iconfinder? Share it with us! We would love to see the icons taking on a new life. Send us an email to contact@iconfinder.com ✌️



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