17 Reasons To Sunset Your Logo

Good, now that I have you, consider this your intervention — it’s time to have an emotional detachment from your company’s logo. It’s time to set your logo free, to grow, to evolve, or at the very least, explore the possibilities a new logo could afford you.

Quick Exercise: What’s the most timeless logo that comes to mind? Easy right? That’s because whatever the logo is, it’s imprinted in your mind.

But that’s the rub right there — we inherently forget that even the most memorable logos have had previous iterations, even if it takes some time to do so. Nike’s always had that exact same swoosh right? Apple is, well that iconic Apple. Everyone knows Visa and MasterCard but they’ve never changed logos right?

As consumers, intuitively know that logos can and do change all around us. But as business owners or executives, here are some reasons to consider changing your logo (in no particular order):

  1. Decline in sales or market share
  2. Change in ownership
  3. Pivot into a new business
  4. It doesn’t reflect the company’s values or future
  5. Time to upgrade from MS Word Art or clip art
  6. Addition of a new product or service
  7. Inconsistent application of brand identity or guidelines
  8. New business name
  9. Mergers or acquisitions
  10. Just plain tired of it
  11. Low Brand awareness
  12. PR scandal
  13. Introduction of a new App, platform, or logo use case
  14. Ornate or complicated elements
  15. Outdated or cliche graphical styles
  16. Expansion into International markets
  17. Just because

Now, I’m not suggesting that a new logo will cure all ails or for that matter is always the best course of action. I’m also not advocating for either subtle adjustments or a complete makeover. But I do want to poke fun at how emotionally attached we can get to our company logos. Maybe it’s grown on us over time. Maybe we designed it ourselves. Maybe we feel stuck with it because it’s been plastered across trucks, vans, signs and a variety of marketing materials. Those are perfectly natural thoughts and feelings, but let’s dispel the notion that a logo can’t ever change after printing business cards or building a big Brand. Especially in today’s rapidly expanding digital economy. No two companies are alike and a well-crafted and positioned logo is real competitive advantage.

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