2 or 3 Computer Devices, one Interface. Why, iConnectivity?

One of the most important features in many of iConnectivity’s interfaces is support for two or even three computer devices. Most musicians understand exactly how that can enhance your workflow, but occasionally we run into one who doesn’t. Hence this post.

Here are a few of many reasons to use multiple computers (or computer devices, meaning iPads/iPhones are also computers).

- More power. Q: How many instruments or plug-ins is enough? A: Just one more.

It’s easy to max out a single computer, so why not add another one you have around.

- Live and studio setups. Bring a few of your instruments and your interface with you to perform, then connect your full setup with a single cable when you’re back in the studio.

- Collaboration. A friend brings his/her laptop over. Just connect it to your interface, and both of you have access to each other’s instruments/software.

- Maintaining compatibility. Your new computer doesn’t run the music-making software your older one does. Just connect the new one, keeping your old one as-is.

- Bringing an iPad or iPhone into your existing setup, or using two of them. Maybe you’re using an iPad as a MIDI controller, running touch-controlled synths on it, or using it as a touch-controlled amp simulator.

And/or you use Music Memos to record ideas on the go, then transfer them into your DAW to finish. Everyone who owns an iOS device knows how useful a music-making tool it is.

- Mac and PC. You use both.

- Sample slaves. You use a second (or third) computer when your main one runs out of memory and storage. Too bad iConnectivity interfaces weren’t around 15 years ago, when Gigasampler first came around and we needed separate audio and MIDI interfaces on every computer!

…and many more reasons.