HOW-TO add ICONOMI ICN apptokens to Ethereum Wallet

Jaka Mele
Jaka Mele
Oct 20, 2016 · 2 min read

EDIT: These instructions were originally written for ICONOMI test token (t-ICN), but since test period is over, we have on October 24 updated them to work with real ICN token.

  1. Open your Ethereum Wallet

2. The wallet must be synced with the network


4. Scroll down to CUSTOM TOKENS and click on WATCH TOKEN

5. Input in TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x888666CA69E0f178DED6D75b5726Cee99A87D698

6. All fields should get auto-populated. Click OK

7. Go back to the WALLETS tab, and then click on your account in ACCOUNTS (ACCOUNT 1 in our example).

In the middle section of the screen your ICONOMI balance should appear.

*** It is normal if you do not see the ICONOMI [test] entry. This was a temporary test token that was discontinued with launch of real ICN.

ICN tokens can be sent to any ETH address