ICONOMI acquires 9.766% of Byteball initial distribution free of charge

ICONOMI has successfully linked its bitcoin wallet to the Byteball project, taking part in the first round of byte token distribution. With an ICONOMI balance of 6900 BTC, ICONOMI’s stake in the first distribution of bytes represents 9.766% of initial distribution, making it the second largest participant. The value of all acquired Byte tokens is already approaching 200,000 USD.

Byteball (https://byteball.org) aims to decentralise storage and transfer of value, and is interesting because of its new consensus algorithm approach. Byteball’s developers believe that the success of the currency depends on the number of people owning and using it. That’s why they decided against ICO crowdsale, but to distribute 98% of all currency free of charge among Bitcoin holders instead. You can read more about Byteball at https://byteball.org

The received bytes are divided between ICONOMI and ICONOMI.performance DAA (Digital Asset Array™) based on a ratio which derives from an ICO-time decision that all raised capital beyond the 10,000 BTC mark goes to ICONOMI.performance DAA.

To summarise, ICONOMI.performance was seeded with the following assets:

  • 2,987.076 BTC
  • 86,220.320 ETH
  • 1,729,538.793 LSK
  • 53,433.21 USD
  • 1,080,517.79 EUR

Therefore out of all received byte tokens, 4,221.28825 giga bytes became part of the ICONOMI.performance DAA, while the remaining 5,538.64343 giga bytes belong to the ICONOMI, and consequently benefit all shareholders. Depending on Byteball’s success, some day this might represent significant capital growth and additional revenue for ICONOMI and ICONOMI.performance DAA. The value of all acquired Byte tokens is already approaching 200,000 USD.

We wish the team behind Byteball good luck with the project.

An interesting observation — out of 16 million existing bitcoins, only 70,663 were linked to Byteball. This surprisingly small number could either mean that bitcoin holders don’t find Byteball valuable — neither now nor in the future — or that the majority of bitcoin owners did not know about this opportunity. We believe that the crypto investors who hold Bitcoin would never pass up a lucrative opportunity, therefore the second answer seems more plausible.

This is further proof that with everything happening so fast in the crypto world even an active crypto investor can miss a lot. ICONOMI and ICONOMI.performance will systematically work to seize each opportunity to increase value for the shareholders and DAA token holders.

From: https://transition.byteball.org/