ICONOMI community chat platform migrating to Rocket.Chat

ICONOMI will migrate from Slack to Rocket.Chat. The new chat platform will open to the community on Friday, February 16!

Tjasa Tolj
Feb 14, 2018 · 3 min read
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We’re happy to announce that after research and testing, the ICONOMI team will transition from Slack to Rocket.Chat for open communication and collaboration with our community members.

We are extremely happy to see how much our community has increased since opening our community channel. There have been ups and downs, but overall it became a great place for ICONOMI supporters to ask questions and discuss interesting topics and ICONOMI news.

Slack was not designed for large communities. New sign-ups to our Slack channel were permanently disabled in October. Since then, we’ve been reviewing other platforms that promote transparent discussion while providing moderators and administrators additional control to moderate spam, scammers, and other detrimental factors. In order to fulfill these basic expectations of security and to make our community safe again, we have decided to move our community discussion platform from Slack to Rocket.Chat.

The transition begins on Friday, February 16!

Rocket.Chat is self-hosted and completely open source direct messaging software. Because of its additional features and improved security options, Rocket.Chat will be the channel we use to grow and interact with the ICONOMI community moving forward.

After reviewing your feedback and suggestions from community moderators, we’ve settled on the following initial channels:

  • Announcements: Official updates posted by ICONOMI team members
  • Bug reports: For submitting bug reports
  • Public: General discussion open to the public
  • ICN Hodlers: General discussion; posting is limited to verified ICN holders with at least 1,000 ICN
  • Trading: For price-related discussion
  • FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions

We will be actively inviting our DAA managers to join our official ICN Hodlers community channel, where they will be able to receive immediate feedback on their DAA strategies, communicate with their base of supporters, and promote their DAAs.


  • Beginning Friday, February 16, the ICONOMI official community chat platform channel will transition to Rocket.Chat.
  • Slack will be automatically migrated. Your Slack username will be available to sign up.
  • The ICONOMI public Slack will remain open for seven days during the transition to Rocket.Chat.
  • ICONOMI Slack channels will be read-only during this seven-day transition and will include announcements about the transition.

More information and instructions for signing up for the ICONOMI Rocket.Chat will follow in another blog post. Stay tuned!

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