Matej Tomazin
Dec 29, 2017 · 3 min read

Walt Disney said that “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” This perfectly describes our energy and dedication to making ICONOMI truly great and unique. We conducted our ICO in October 2016, when the total crypto market capitalization was just $12 billion. Back then, we predicted that in 2017 we would see about 1,000 new ICOs, $200 million on our platform, and a DAA that would beat bitcoin. We were right!

Stepping into 2018, we are firmly dedicated to pursuing our vision of making ICONOMI the bridge between the old and the new economy. We are pioneers, the first ever digital asset array management platform for blockchain tokens and cryptocurrencies, and our many DAA managers and users are proving that this is the perfect time to enter the crypto world with us.

As we look ahead into 2018, we are thrilled about all the upcoming changes in the crypto ecosystem, from regulation to the new opportunities that will come with tokenization economics. The crypto market will remain volatile, but that will not deter new investors seeking exposure to this new asset class. Of course, regulation will help set new playground rules, but it is too early to predict with certainty what the final regulatory environment will look like.

In order to continue to make decisive, effective steps as we did in 2017, we’ve identified three main areas to focus on. These insights represent a flexible, expandable, and intuitive outline for 2018. We must be able to quickly and efficiently adapt to changing market conditions and the demands of regulators, which means the priorities listed below may change. We are very excited that we will be implementing some additional features very soon. We have only listed major features, some of which will be released in multiple iterations.


  • DAA page improvements: AUM and number of buyers
  • Fiat ramp-up for end users
  • DAA Discovery page redesign
  • DAA Manager page with all their DAAs
  • Website redesign
  • Major user statistics upgrade
  • Debit card
  • Direct purchase of individual digital assets

DAA Managers:

  • Possibilities for risk reduction
  • Organizing events with DAA managers
  • DAA tokenization process optimization
  • Phase 2 of DAA management functionalities completed (improvements that include several different statistics that DAA managers want to see, such as volatility, drawdowns, rebalancing automation, etc.)
  • Support for company accounts
  • Phase 3 of DAA management functionality completed (advanced functionality for DAA managers)


  • Introduction of fees payable in ICN
  • Big Four audit
  • Affiliate system
  • Open platform: private DAAs launched
  • API (reading data/trading)
  • Charting system redesign
  • Trading engine upgrade
  • Custodial services

We will continue to deliver improvements that will provide real value for our users. Though they might not be visible to the end user, they are vital for ICONOMI’s continued development and growth. Some of these improvements include:

  • Supporting additional exchanges and tokens to provide more options for DAA managers.
  • Upgrading the functionality and design of our web, iOS, and Android apps, as well as adding more statistics, data, UX improvements, etc., in response to community feedback about upgrading the platform.
  • Upgrading our back-office systems to deal with higher volumes of users and assets.
  • Onboarding new DAA managers to broaden diversification opportunities
  • Continuous security upgrades.

Our phenomenal team is working nonstop to make 2018 ICONOMI’s best year yet. It will be another very dynamic year, and we are honored to contribute our part to this new, fast-evolving crypto world. Last but not least, we owe our success to you, our ICONOMI users and supporters.

Thank you! We wish you a happy new year and hope you will continue on this exciting journey with us through 2018 and beyond.

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Matej Tomazin

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Creating a remarkable experience @iconominet, CFO



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