ICONOMI invested 2,000 eth into the Santiment pre-sale

ICONOMI.performance investments update, February 12

What: Santiment - Crypto Market Intelligence Platform
How Much: 2,000 eth / capped at 12,000 eth
Type: pre-sale

Santiment (http://www.santiment.net/) is building a tool to gather and let users access crowd sentiment data around crypto investments. The current funding round is comparable to the seed funding stage of a startup project where they are raising money to develop a prototype.

There are several reasons we invested in Santiment:

  • They are building a potentially valuable tool for crypto investors, therefore strengthening the whole ecosystem
  • Our team has met the founder (Maksim Balashevich) in person and believe they will be able to develop the product and deliver on their promises
  • Investing at this stage (and not the upcoming ICO) gives us favorable terms, while at the same time it showcase a good practice of not launching a full ICO before a product prototype or proof of concept is available

We expect the Santiment team to continue on with following these good practices and use the now collected funds in order to develop a prototype that is presented before launching the full ICO at a later stage.

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