ICONOMI Monthly Update XI

We are ending 2018 on a high note by enabling our users to invest in cryptocurrencies. You can now choose from 10 market-leading cryptocurrencies and get started with as little as 10 euros!

Buy Cryptocurrencies and Digital Portfolios with Euros

On December 5, we launched euro transactions for Austria, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Slovenia, and Spain. Users from supported countries can now purchase 10 different leading cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin, ether, and ripple) directly, starting with as little as 10 euros. You can also buy into Digital Portfolios (formerly Digital Asset Arrays).

Users from countries not yet supported for direct purchase with euro can buy the new cryptocurrencies with bitcoin or ether — with zero fees. The number of countries supported for euro transactions will continue to expand in the coming weeks and months.

ICONOMI Mobile Apps: Track Your Portfolio on the Go

You can use the ICONOMI mobile apps to track your portfolio and check prices in real time. If you are from a supported country, you can now deposit and withdraw euros using the updated ICONOMI Android and iOS apps.

Website Update

Based on market demand for an easy entry point into cryptocurrency, we have revamped our content to create an inviting and informative environment for current and future users.

In addition, our new explore page makes it easier than ever to browse through the 34 Digital Portfolios and 10 cryptocurrencies available on the ICONOMI platform.

Visit the new website here.

Everything You Need to Know about eICN

Learn everything you need to know about the ICN to eICN exchange process in our recently published blog post. Exchanging ICN is a simple process — start now!


Malta Blockchain Summit

In the first days of November, we exhibited at Malta Blockchain Summit, where more than 8,500 blockchain and crypto experts were present over three days.

ICONOMI Head of Sales Jure Sutar explained: “We met with a lot of companies offering services for the crypto space (auditors, payment providers, etc.). We also had a lot of ICN supporters asking us about the details of ICN conversion. Since Malta is trying to position itself as a leader when it comes to the regulation of blockchain-related projects, the conference was very well attended. The atmosphere did not reflect the bear market and people were very optimistic about the future of the industry.”

ICONOMI received a lot of media interest at Malta Blockchain Summit

Zurich: Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum

At the Prestel & Partner Forum in Zurich on November 13–14, ICONOMI COO Matej Tomazin gave a talk titled “How Will Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Change the Asset Management Industry?” We were happy to see that interest in blockchain and crypto is increasing, especially in the area of tokenizing physical assets.

New York: Consensus: Invest

On November 27, we attended Consensus: Invest in New York City. ICONOMI Head of Sales Jure Sutar summed up the event: “We met with ICONOMI supporters and potential business partners. The vibe of the event was a bit different than last year, and it was very clear that the crypto market is maturing and moving toward regulation. As a result, there were a lot of attendees from the traditional financial world and fewer from ICOs.”

Best-Performing Digital Portfolios

On November 2, we published our Q3 overview of the top three best-performing Digital Portfolios. The top three managers also shared some insights into their strategies and how they made it into the top three.

“It’s hard to be one of the best DAA managers among almost 40 professionals when every manager tries to achieve the best results for their DAA holders on the ICONOMI platform. Of course, with business experience, the right strategy, and the exploitation of market imbalances, above average returns can be achieved.” — Blockchain Smart

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