ICONOMI Welcomes the First Series of DAA Managers

On Friday, September 29, we marked ICONOMI’s first year in business. Today, designing the second year of our global story, we mark the debut of the core of the ICONOMI platform and welcome the first series of DAA managers to the Digital Asset Management Platform!

The carefully chosen group of 12 managers was selected from a pool of 150 applicants from all over the world, each of whom exceeded the most rigorous criteria. Among our first group of DAA managers, we are proud to welcome William Mougayar, a prominent, long-standing advisor to indispensable organizations such as the Ethereum Foundation, OpenBazaar, Stratumn, and Coin Center; Arnold Sternberg, a serial entrepreneur with vast financial experience who has worked previously with companies such as Goldman Sachs and the Allianz Group; and Kenny Hearn, a longstanding member of the financial community who has worked previously with companies such as Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Barnard Jacobs Mellett, and Coronation Capital. These are just three of the highly qualified managers with DAAs now available on the platform; be sure to check out the others here.

Since day one, we have promised two things: quality and trust. With the release of the Digital Assets Management Platform, we are proud to have accomplished so much in just twelve months, especially given the pace of other ICO projects in the crypto-economy. The introduction of DAA managers will further our mission to build a bridge between the old and the new economy. In the coming months, we will continue to improve and expand on the Digital Assets Management Platform, ensuring ICONOMI continues to provide a safe and easy way to buy into DAAs and manage your digital assets. In the meantime, you can explore and buy into the first DAA offerings right now!