ICONOMI’s Process of Adding New Digital Assets

Since December 2017, we have been adding new digital assets to the platform on a regular basis. DAA managers now have up to 73 digital assets to choose from and present to our users through their diversified baskets of cryptocurrencies, or Digital Asset Arrays.

We have been receiving requests over email and at different conferences and events from blockchain companies who want to list their tokens on our platform. We are always open to cooperating with and supporting strong projects, especially ones our DAA managers and users want.

Before adding a proposed digital asset to the ICONOMI platform, we follow a due diligence process based on internal protocols in which we look at several criteria. In general, we look for digital assets that:

  1. Are supported on a major, high-volume exchange
  2. Have adequate liquidity
  3. Have cold storage capabilities
  4. Are requested by our DAA managers and/or users
  5. Are backed by an experienced and trustworthy team

If you want to see your token listed on our platform and offered to all of our DAA managers and platform users, please contact us at support@iconomi.com.

We are constantly monitoring the evolving legal framework surrounding digital assets. We will tweak our due diligence protocol as necessary in order to remain compliant based on future requirements.

Visit our website to see the full list of supported digital assets, or read the blog posts listed below for a more complete overview:

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