Meet the Managers: Amsterdam

Jure Sutar
Apr 27, 2018 · 5 min read

This week we hosted the fourth event in our Meet the Managers series. This time we met in the Netherlands, which has the second largest user base on our platform. People from all over the country, as well as some guests from abroad, traveled to Amsterdam to meet with three of our DAA managers and a special guest from Deloitte.

The event started with casual conversation during registration. This way, the attendees got to know each other even before the official start of the event and had a chance to interact with both our team and the speakers.

Gorazd Ocvirk, Deloitte’s Innovation Lab

The first presentation was given by Gorazd Ocvirk, the director of Deloitte’s Innovation Lab, who talked about the recent blockchain audit Deloitte performed on our platform and explained the process behind it. He also shared some interesting stories about the project. Since this was the first audit of this type, it was a challenging but ultimately very satisfying problem. Throughout the presentation, he touched on the methods they used for the blockchain audit and how Deloitte was able to prove solvency.

Menno Pietersen, CARUS-AR

Next up was Menno Pietersen from CARUS-AR, who talked about the development and adoption of the internet, compared it to blockchain, and pointed out some key historical events. He presented data about smartphone adoption cycles, Google Analytics data, interesting news articles, etc. He also touched on the recent bear market as well as the price increases we have been seeing in the last few weeks. His full presentation slides can be viewed here.

Nathan Hartman, Phoenix Decentralized Solutions

After a nice overview of the industry as a whole, our next speaker Nathan Hartman of Phoenix Decentralized Solutions, discussed decentralization and explained how it will shape the future. He pointed out that decentralization is nothing new and has been around for centuries. Furthermore, he talked about the financial industry and how, with the help of blockchain, you can literally become your own bank. Since Phoenix Decentralized Solutions wants to be part of this paradigm shift, he also announced the workshops they will be organizing to familiarize the public with this new, disruptive technology.

Cain Ransbottyn, TRADE

Last but not least, Cain Ransbottyn of TRADE entertained attendees of the event with a provocative presentation titled “Bitcoin is for losers.” During the presentation, he explained why he loves blockchain as a technology but does not believe that Bitcoin is a good investment. As an alternative, he pointed out that he prefers to invest in smaller-cap coins, sometimes referred to as altcoins, and explained the trading bots his team has developed. He also shared a story about how he implanted a microchip in his hand, which he uses to open certain doors and to pay at the register.

Panel Discussion

After the event, we continued the conversation with ICONOMI supporters and potential investors and DAA managers over food and drinks.

The event was a huge success, and we are already looking forward to our Asia tour. The feedback we got from attendees was incredible and will drive us to make our events even better. We will be hosting the next Meet the Managers event in Hong Kong on May 29. Visit our events page for full details. Join the event, become part of the conversation, and help us build the bridge between the old and the new economy.

Hope to see you there!

Photography by: Mo Juriaan Barends

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