The decentralised economy needs new financial instruments: ICONOMI, the first fund management platform for the decentralised economy [ICO] is here

APP tokens — decentralised business model rising

First there was Bitcoin — it started the blockchain revolution. Then came Ethereum — it opened up a new paradigm that coins can be more than just tokens of value. Much more in fact, since Ethereum is a kind of infrastructure, a world computer, the foundation for Web 3.0… The promise is great and so is the market value, standing today at around 1 billion USD in market capitalisation. This is what is even more important — Ethereum demonstrated there can be coins with serious financial value besides Bitcoin.

Today we are at the dawn of the third revolution — the rise of APP tokens. Steem, StorJ, Siacoin, Augur, … They represent blockchain-based alternatives to existing Internet services (the first three examples) or new services which have become possible with the introduction of smart contracts (Augur).

Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of Coinbase, observes: “It is about an entirely new business model that is being created and tried for the first time: a decentralized business model.”

There will be big changes in the decentralised economy very soon.

  1. There will be an exponential rise of value tokens (coins). We can expect the same exponential nature of growth as for example with the number of apps in the Apple App Store.
  2. There will be extreme volatility and a potential multiplication of investments. Steem, for example, gained 1,000% in value in just two weeks. There will also be “Boos” and “the DAO-s” — massive failures.
  3. The traditional media like extremes — there will be an increase in mass media coverage and public interest in cryptocurrencies. Media reporting on Steem has shown us how the traditional media is more enthusiastic while crypto-media is more realistic.
  4. The logical consequence will be — influx of fresh capital.

The momentum is here — but is this is enough to bring in fresh money?

While the first three are inevitable, the last one is still questionable!

  1. Investing today, with hundreds of coins available, is already a complex task — the task will become even more intricate as the number of coin-based projects rises.
  2. Multiplication of investments is great, but with current volatility, an inexperienced investor is hard-pressed to achieve it in the cryptoworld.
  3. Media involvement and multiplication promise can be seen more as an obstacle in the long term — it will be easy to attract new investors but hard to keep them.
  4. On top of everything, old economy investors are more conservative, while at the same time the decentralised world lacks fundamental value — at the very least the feeling of safety.
In order to bring fresh capital to the decentralised economy, totally new financial instruments need to be offered to those outside of the community.

Introducing ICONOMI — the first investment fund management platform for the decentralised economy

ICONOMI is the first decentralised fund management platform. We believe in a decentralised economy therefore we are establishing a decentralised organisation. We will issue 100 million tokens that represent 100 % of ownership of the ICONOMI platform. Anyone can become a shareholder — Initial coin offering (ICO) starts on August 25 2016.

The financial instruments we are developing solve all the barriers to first-time investors in the decentralised economy: transparency, security, 24/7 access to assets, simplicity of use and compliance.

Our timeline is ambitious — our journey started in Q1 2016, when we first began offering Ether and learning what clients are missing. In Q3 2016 we will finalise the required infrastructure and in Q4 2016 we will introduce the first two ICONOMI investment funds. With these new financial instruments we believe we can attract 200 million USD before the end of 2017.

2017 will be dedicated to our vision. We will launch the ICONOMI Open Fund Management platform with a simple promise to successful traders — anyone can be a professional fund manager;

“You bring the crypto-expertise, we take care of everything else”.

ICONOMI will open up a new financial services category in the decentralised economy, with a stable income stream and an ambitious platform vision. We are positive that ICONOMI is one of the most appealing business proposals of 2016 with its high probability of investment multiplication.