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The ICONOMI Digest

With the release of Delta Summit Index, the first direct purchase of BLX using the fiat gateway, the beta release of the public API, and more, the past two weeks have been some of ICONOMI’s busiest.

Delta Summit Index

Last week, the ICONOMI team attended Delta Summit, where we established Delta Summit Index, one of the world’s first crowdsourced crypto indexes. The structure of Delta Summit Index was voted on by the blockchain experts in attendance at the event and can be viewed below:

You can buy into Delta Summit Index on the ICONOMI platform.

Delta Summit Index Prize

Anyone holding Delta Summit Index on the ICONOMI platform on October 19, 2018 will automatically be entered for a chance to double their DSI holdings, up to $2,000! Buy in here.

Columbus Capital Update

Columbus Capital is no longer managing Pinta. Pinta’s assets will be moved to ICONOMI’s treasury. This makes ICONOMI more flexible for taking advantage of potential opportunities, since assets will not be used only for investments but also for supporting the growth of our business. You will be able to follow asset allocation through our quarterly financial reports.

Read more here.

Fiat Gateway: First Direct Purchase with Fiat

ICONOMI CTO Miha Vidmar made the first direct purchase of BLX using the fiat gateway on the ICONOMI platform last week at Delta Summit! Watch this historic ICONOMI moment here.

Dan Verowski of TEA, Menno Peter Pietersen of CAR, Dr. Achim Illner of GCO, Michal Novák of RCAA, ICONOMI Head of DAAs Jure Sutar, and ICONOMI CTO Miha Vidmar before making the first direct purchase of BLX using the fiat gateway

We’re making constant progress on the fiat gateway, which is currently in beta, and will keep you updated on our official communication channels.

Public API Beta

We have released the first version of our public API. We will continue to improve on the API and add new functionality. Read the documentation on our website.

Monthly Update IX

On October 1, we published our Monthly Update for September, where we went over our upcoming equity token, eICN; the technical and legal aspects of its implementation; and more.

eICN Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most common questions regarding eICN, the upcoming ICONOMI equity token, to clarify some of the details. A Part II will be published if necessary. Read the eICN FAQ here.



From October 3–5, ICONOMI attended and exhibited at Delta Summit Malta, where we launched Delta Summit Index, which is now live.

DAA managers and the ICONOMI team introducing ICONOMI to Delta Summit attendees
ICONOMI CEO Tim Zagar speaking on the “Tech Innovation & Industry Disruption” panel at Delta Summit


  • ICONOMI CTO Miha Vidmar will be speaking about his experience building a working product on blockchain (and in Java), the technical maturity of the blockchain space, and how the blockchain space is evolving at the MakeIT conference on October 15 in Slovenia.
  • Head of DAAs Jure Sutar will be revisiting Kuwait to speak on the future of asset management at Kuwait Fintech from October 23 to October 25.
  • ICONOMI will be exhibiting at Malta Blockchain Summit, taking place November 1–2.

Media Highlights

Crypto Unicorn Circle to Acquire Equity Crowdfunding Platform, ‘Tokenize Everything’, Josiah Wilmoth, CCN

“‘It’s not just “how do we let companies do ICOs?”’ he continued. ‘It’s “how do we support the tokenization of everything?”’”

A big tech company is working to free the internet from big tech companies, Mike Orcutt, MIT Technology Review

“The idea is that such a distributed (or ‘decentralized,’ in blockchain parlance) web would be more resilient to denial-of-service attacks, censorship, and even natural disasters. There would be no single point of failure that could bring the system down.”

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