Icon Design Inspiration — Day #18

Yesterday on the occasion of International Women’s day, we’ve seen many beautiful illustrations to celebrate the day. To start today’s Icon Design Inspiration, we’ve picked one of the best illustration. Celebrate each day as Women’s day. More power to all the Women out there.

International Women’s Day

International Women's Day by Anna Hurley
International Women’s Day by Anna Hurley

Icon Explorations

Home page icons by Kevin Yang
Home page icons by Kevin Yang

Audio Video

Audio Video icons by Nick Kumbari
Audio Video icons by Nick Kumbari


Handcamera icon by Vacancy
Handcamera icon by Vacancy


Faces icon collection by Nick Kumbari
Faces icon collection by Nick Kumbari


Office stuff icons by Zaib Ali
Office stuff icons by Zaib Ali

Talk 🗣

Talk by Aleksandar Savic
Talk by Aleksandar Savic

Concept of Planning

Concept of Planning icon by Unlimiticon
Concept of Planning icon by Unlimiticon


Bee icon by Artyom Davydov
Bee icon by Artyom Davydov


Radio icon by Imola Meder
Radio icon by Imola Meder

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