Icon Design Inspiration — Day #21

This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you. Start you Sunday with your daily icon design inspiration dose. Go through the work of best designers and tell us who inspires you the most.

Store icon

Store icons by z23
Store icons by z23

Lightweight Icon

Light weight icon by Yodel Hou
Light weight icon by Yodel Hou


Cat by Ariev Soeharto
Cat by Ariev Soeharto

Magnana iOS game

Mangana iOS game icons by David Carroll
Mangana iOS game icons by David Carroll


Modmoji by Kyle Adams
Modmoji by Kyle Adams


Armor Light by Linepeak
Armor Light by Linepeak


Lolly by Vacancy
Lolly by Vacancy


Design Illustration by Ulity Studio
Design Illustration by Ulity Studio

Technical Drawing

Geometry icon by Nikolai Titov
Geometry icon by Nikolai Titov


Animals icon set by Ilya Boyko
Animals icon set by Ilya Boyko


Nexti icons by Clint Studio
Nexti icons by Clint Studio


Masks by Valeria Romano
Masks by Valeria Romano

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