Icon Design Inspiration — Day #25

It’s Thursday!! Obviously you’re eagerly waiting for Friday but you don’t need to wait for your Daily Icon Design Inspiration blog. Read our earlier articles to see the best icon designs and don’t forget to visit Iconscout to get access to 100,000 premium icons in just $9.

Platform — Icons

Platform icons by Dalton
Platform icons by Dalton

Investment flat icon

Investment flat icon by Iiang Iiang
Investment flat icon by Iiang Iiang


Astronaut by Valeria Romano
Astronaut by Valeria Romano


Vesuvius by Infographic Paradise
Vesuvius by Infographic Paradise

Italy landmark

Italy landmark by Sahil Sadigov
Italy landmark by Sahil Sadigov

City icons

City icons by Dmitriy Mir
City icons by Dmitriy Mir


Aerocraft by WantLine
Aerocraft by WantLine

Website line icons

Website line icons by Samir Taiar
Website line icons by Samir Taiar

Japanese Man

Japanese Man by Art Niu
Japanese Man by Art Niu


Cheers by Rwds
Cheers by Rwds

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