Icon Design Inspiration — Day #4

To fulfill your quota of Daily Design inspiration, here we’re with fourth article in the series. Tell us how you feel about this one.

Executive Character

Executive Character icon by Darius Dan
Executive Character icon by Darius Dan


Unicorn icon by Mario Jacome for KlientBoost
Unicorn icon by Mario Jacome for KlientBoost

Rocket Helmet

Rocket Helmet icon by Oleg Levin
Rocket Helmet icon by Oleg Levin

E-Commerce and Finance Icons

E-Commerce and Finance icons by Ramy Wafaa Roundicons.com
E-Commerce and Finance icons by Ramy Wafaa

Play safe

Play Safe by Jaime Hayde
Play Safe by Jaime Hayde

Rugby Icon

Rugby Icon Adhitya Dhika
Rugby Icon Adhitya Dhika

Digital Marketing Patterns

Digital Marketing Patterns by Vy Tat
Digital Marketing Patterns by Vy Tat

Illustration for LoveStocks

Illustration for LoveStocks by Berin Catic
Illustration for LoveStocks by Berin Catic

Cat illustration

Cat Illustration by Siddhita Upare
Cat Illustration by Siddhita Upare

Spaced out

Spaced Out icon by Isaac
Spaced Out icon by Isaac

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