Icon Design Inspiration — Day #9

Nokia 3310 is back and Alpar will give you Nostalgic feeling with the showcase of both old and new phone. Along with it find other icon design inspiration. Kudos to all the designers. Show your love to them by sharing this article.

Nokia 3310 — The old and the new

Nokia 3310 by Pocike
Nokia 3310 by Pocike

Web and UI icons

Web and UI icons by NGHIEPNP
Web and UI icons by NGHIEPNP

iOS Tab Bar Hand Gesture Icons

Gesture icons by GraphicsFuel
Gesture icons by GraphicsFuel

Metromile Iconography

Metromile Icon collection by Percy Batalier
Metromile Icon collection by Percy Batalier

Oslo City Bike icons

Oslo City Bike icons by Heydays
Oslo City Bike icons by Heydays

Editor icons

Editor icons by Jakub Centik
Editor icons by Jakub Centik

FFA icons

FFA icons by Phillip Wilkins
FFA icons by Phillip Wilkins

Web Icons

Web icons by Vecteezy
Web icons by Vecteezy

Swimming Pool Maintenance Icons

Swimming pool maintenance icons by Web Efficient
Swimming pool maintenance icons by Web Efficient

Sport Icons

Sports icon pack by Jonas Devacht
Sports icon pack by Jonas Devacht

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