Icon Design Inspiration — Week #37

Hello folks! Here’s Thirty-Seventh article on our blog series ‘Icon Design Inspiration’. This time we’ve picked 28 best shots which include really good icons and illustrations. Apart from our list if you find anything inspiring design around please link them in the comment section below.

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Happy Designing!

Value Proposition Icons

Value Proposition Icons by Jemis Mali
Value Proposition Icons by Jemis Mali

Vyta Brand Illustration. On-Demand

On Demand Illustration by Ramotion
On-Demand Illustration by Ramotion

Inside the box — Splash

Inside the box - Splash Illustration by Ranganath Krishnamani
Inside the box — Splash Illustration by Ranganath Krishnamani


Fishing icons by Kemal Sanli
Fishing icons by Kemal Sanli

Night Blue Characters

Night Blue Characters by Parham Marandi
Night Blue Characters by Parham Marandi

Science Illustration

Science Illustration by Marko Stupic
Science Illustration by Marko Stupic

Risemetric Icons Sketch

Risemetric Icons Sketch by Pratik Patil
Risemetric Icons Sketch by Pratik Patil

Landmarks of Syria

Landmarks of Syria icons by Ghiath Alsory
Landmarks of Syria icons by Ghiath Alsory

We are innn

We are innn house illustration by Jay Lee
We are innn house illustration by Jay Lee


Animated icons by l5ee
Animated icons by l5ee

Family life

Family Life illustration by Liza Otchenashenko
Family Life illustration by Liza Otchenashenko

Game Tools icon

Game Tools icons by nslab
Game Tools icons by nslab

BMO And Game Boy

BMO And Game Boy by Clow Ben
BMO And Game Boy by Clow Ben


Multimedia icons by ICEH
Multimedia icons by ICEH

Nature icons

Nature icons by ANNA.H
Nature icons by ANNA.H

Cryptocurrency Icons

Cryptocurrency Icons by Outcrowd
Cryptocurrency Icons by Outcrowd

Isometric Illustration Animation

Isometric Illustration Animation by iesight Design Studio
Isometric Illustration Animation by Iesight Design Studio

School Management System

School Management System by Rishabh Jain
School Management System by Rishabh Jain

Animated monitoring components 🙌

Animated monitoring components by Charmie Kapoor
Animated monitoring components by Charmie Kapoor

Edu-tech app Onboarding Micro-interaction

Edu-tech app Onboarding Micro-interaction by Johny vino
Edu-tech app Onboarding Micro-interaction by Johny vino


Teamwork illustration by Fabricio Rosa Marques
Teamwork illustration by Fabricio Rosa Marques

USB Types

USB Types animation by Gal Shir
USB Types animation by Gal Shir

Mercury and Cinnabar

Mercury and Cinnabar by Dmitriy Mir
Mercury and Cinnabar by Dmitriy Mir

Spotify Player

Spotify Player wire-frame by Razvan Vezeteu
Spotify Player wire-frame by Razvan Vezeteu

Character Illustration

Character Illustration by StancyBB
Character Illustration by StancyBB

Superheroes And Villains Emoji

Superheroes And Villains Emoji by Aleksandar Savic
Superheroes And Villains Emoji by Aleksandar Savic

Bitcoin Mining Truck

Bitcoin Mining Truck illustration by Walid Beno
Bitcoin Mining Truck illustration by Walid Beno

Purescript Drafts

Purescript Drafts Illustration by Maggie Appleton
Purescript Drafts Illustration by Maggie Appleton

Over to you

We hope you find really good inspiration for your next design from this beautiful shots. Have you come across any good icon or illustration design that we forgot to mention? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to check our latest article on Partnership with Online Presentation Making tool Ludus. Don’t forget to share and subscribe! :)

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