Top 10 Best Logo Makers Online

Designing a logo for your business website can be costly. Not only that one might not have the skills to design a logo on their own. One thing’s that is certain: the importance of logo design. It establishes your brand’s visual identity and stands as a symbol of who you are and what you believe in.

Where do you turn to when you don’t have the resources or skills for a professional logo design? So, here we are today with a list of top 10 best logo makers online.

1. Hatchful


Hatchful by Shopify is a simple logo creator especially designed for beginners. Looking for starting up your own business space, well it’s just a matter of few clicks and your template is ready. You can further edit your logo if needed. Every downloadable logo package contains images of different resolutions for your website and social media profiles.

2. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill makes your logo extra informative providing a very unique and intuitive design. All you have to do is pick your five favorite design styles. After this, the system will generate several template options for you. You can always edit your favorite one to make a brand statement by changing anything from layout to icons to build the perfect logo.

3. Canva


Canva is a free logo maker, for beginners as well as professionals. So now you can get started without spending any money. It’s multi-purpose software that can help in designing images for everything from Facebook ads, infographics, to blog posts and logos.

All you have to do is select the type of website you want and choose the appropriate logo design. You can customize its font to make it more attractive. The logo is downloadable in PNG, JPG, and PDF.

4. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a premium tool for creating very elegant logos. It can help you with the best visual style for your business. You just have to enter your business name and add a bit about it. To make it easier for you they give the option for logotype, font style, and voila you will get your logo options. The maker also shows you what your logo would look like on a website, business card, social media, and other places.

5. GraphicSprings


GraphicSprings is a logo made with a UI similar to a page builder. All the features are listed in the left sidebar, also consisting option for shape or form of the logo. The user gets complete freedom to customize giving you complete control over the details of the logo. If you are unsure about the design principles, you can pay someone from their team to do it.

6. Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace Logo Maker can help you create options for a minimal and simple logo, you can also see how these would look on a business card, website, or t-shirts by testing prototypes on the editing screen. It’s a simple, slick tool.

7. Ucraft

Ucraft has a super-simple interface with unrestricted usage. Whether it be adding elements or removing them it is much easier for the user in this tool. You can download a high-resolution logo for free. The logo maker is free to use but if you want an SVG file it would cost $10.

8. Logo Garden

Logo Garden is known for it’s pretty basic UI with limited customization, but its a great tool for creating a basic logo. It’s and excellent tool to test different combinations when you are in the process of figuring out the right design for your logo.

9. Logo Genie

Want a minimal logo well Logo Genie is here at rescue serving as the best logo maker for you. Once you drop all the details about your company, the tool will provide you with all the potential logo designs.

10. Hipster Logo Generator

As the name suggests it helps you create hipster styled logo primarily, they have options for classic and modern design as well. Brainstorm and run a few ideas and choose your desired logo. This tool only charges you for a high-resolution image. You can download your final logo for free.

Iconscout API for Logo maker tools

Do you own an online logo making website and want to integrate millions of icons in it? Try Iconscout API which will help you add an entire library of Iconscout inside your logo making tool. Now you can give your users thousands of icons to insert in their logo. Try our API for free now.




Iconscout is India’s first digital resource marketplace. Powered by community of passionate creative artist, Iconscout offers ready to user high-quality design resources like Icons, Illustrations and Stock photos.

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