Tabletop Games on Kickstarter — first semester of 2021

  • Board game projects based on a video game franchise: The Witcher; Monster Hunter; Stellaris. Projects that were in the top 8 most funded tabletop games for the first semester of 2021.
  • Tabletop Roleplaying Games: The One Ring; Twisted Taverns; Auroboros; Grim Hollow; Coyote & Crow. The total number of tabletop RPG raising more than $1m prior to 2021 was… four. That number has now more than doubled, and the year is far from over, with at least a sixth game joining that shortlist, the aforementioned Avatar Legends. Note that I am not including the very popular campaigns around tabletop RPG accessories such as dice and miniatures, which have seen a lot of success prior to 2021 and have their own dynamic.
  • Sequels, expansions, re-printing of successful board games: Everdell; Zombicide; Mythic Battles; Root; Castles of Mad King Ludwig; The Isle of Cats. This is not a particularly new trend, but it is worth noting that the very good numbers for tabletop projects on Kickstarter are thanks to those proven games going back to the platform for the next stage of their lifecycle.

Gamefound numbers, or their absence thereof

Video Games on Kickstarter — first semester of 2021



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