How to participate in ICO Pass Token Sale.

This will be a tutorial on how to participate in ICO Pass Token Sale using Metamask. For mobile wallets like Cipher the walkthrough is the same so I will not paste it.

Please note that the Sale site will be open only from May 8th 10am UTC+3.

1. Download the app.

First step is to download the app and go through our state of the art KYC process. More information about how it can be done is here:

2. Participate in Token Sale.

Go to address to participate in the Token Sale.

1st step — the site will show the time how long Token Sale will last, how many tokens are available, how much has been contributed already and what is the current price for 1 ICOP. As we use Metamask browser wallet it will also automatically detect my wallet address — as it shows green, it means that is verified during KYC process.
2nd step — write in the sum you want to contribute in the field amount to contribute and press buy-in.

It is very important to note here that the ICOP price will reduce over time and even if you entered the Token Sale when price was high – in the end everyone will pay the lowest price for what all tokens can be sold. In case sale ends and not all tokens are sold – remaining tokens will be distributed to contributors proportionally to their cintrubution. Max price per token can be 0,25 EUR.

3rd step — approve on Metamask. You could increase the gas price so your transfer goes through faster.
4th step- wait for the approval of transaction.
6th step — transaction is approved.
7th step — reload the site and you will see what is the minimum of tokens you will be able to get and what is the maximum you can get in case no other contributions are made. At this point you can either buy-in more or wait for Token Sale to end.

3. Adding Token to your wallet.

In order to see your ICOP tokens in your wallet — you will have to add them.

1st step — open Metamask and choose tab Tokens. Press “Add Token”.
2nd step — Copy the token address from the site (under tab ERC20 information) and paste in Metamask Token Contract Address. Press “Add”. For mobile wallets a QR code can be used.
3rd step — token is added.

4. Finalising Sale.

Once the Token Sale is finished you will need to press Finalise to get your tokens. Go to and follow these steps.

1st step — press “Finalise”
2nd step — open Metamask and submit token transfer.
3rd step — sit back and relax. You have your ICOP Tokens.
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