How to use ICO Pass?

This will be a tutorial how to use ICO Pass to do KYC, link wallet address and register for an up-coming ICO. If you prefer to watch a video then you can find a tutorial for linking with mobile wallet here and desktop wallet here (do not forget to enable subtitles on Youtube player before you watch).

We ourselves recommend to use Cipher for mobile wallet and Metamask for desktop wallet. Nevertheless, any other wallet that supports ERC20 tokens should be fine.

1. Download the app.

Look for ICO Pass on Apple Store and Play Store. Once it is installed it should look like this.

iPhone X (Android version looks slightly different).

2. KYC process.

Once a person has gone through the KYC process, they can re-use the identity for other Token Sales that are shown in the app. Currently only registration for ICO Pass is open so for tutorial sake I will use it.

1st step — press Manage ICO Pass and then Provide Identity Information.
2nd step — provide name and verify e-mail.
3rd step — provide further identity information and choose ID document type.
4th step — take photos of ID document and a selfie.
5th step — perform in-app purchase. After that KYC data is downloaded to phone and can be checked.

3. Linking with wallet.

After KYC process is finished, next step is to link identity address with wallet address from which funds will be sent to Token Sale address. This is needed as we use a smart-contract that checks if the funds coming in come from a source that has passed KYC. If not — funds are returned back automatically.

1st step — copy identity address
2nd step a — send 0 ETH to identity address from mobile wallet (e.g. Cipher) and wait for confirmation.
or 2nd step b — send 0 ETH to identity address from desktop wallet (e.g. Metamask) and wait for confirmation. If Gas Price is set higher — transaction will be confirmed faster.
3rd step a — copy the block number of confirmed transaction (Cipher). It can be seen by clicking on approved transaction.
or 3rd step b- copy the block number of confirmed transaction on Etherscan (Metamask).
4th step — to find the right block faster, you can click fast forward and paste the copied block number. Once it shows Getting Ready to Link — that means that transaction is found and soon it will be possible to link the wallet.
5th step — once transaction is found it allows to do linking. A person will need to choose one that would like to link to their identity and will use in Token Sale. Once address is linked, it will show up above as in third image.

4. Registering for Token Sale.

1st step — person needs to go back to coin offering tab, choose the Token Sale that want to participate it, press register and click agree to T&C's. It might be possible that keyproof publishing for attestation signing on blockchain is taking some time.
2nd step — Congratulations, you are ready to participate in Token Sale!!!


In Case something does not work, bugs can be submitted by triple-tapping red error text and submitting the error.

Error submission process
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