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CEO’s Report June 12 2018

Hi! I am ICOVO’s CEO, Yamase. I am pleased to disclose to you our status. Development for our product, the smart contract DAICOVO implementing DAICO, is going well and will be launched on June 17. DAICOVO will be audited by New Alchemy until June 30 and, furthermore, we will hold a bug bounty event for it on June 30 at Shibuya, Tokyo. We have changed the venue from a small to large one because of the influx of applications.

DAICOVO will be in operation for ICOVO’s ICO, and the presale will start on July 17.

About the ICOVO App

The ICOVO App features the multi-token wallet Tachyon, which is compatible with ERC20 tokens, based on a safe private wallet that has already been released and is being used by many, and was developed from scratch by our CTO Nishimura. The release on June 15 will include features such as a private wallet, multi-token compatibility, dashboard feature, and KYC for closed-sale investors, while features such as the DAICOVO user interface will be added on August 15 so that it can be used for ICOVO’s ICO starting on July 17. We are now awaiting a reply from Apple.

About events. Hack Ethereum Tokyo is held every month from April 2018. Next event will be held on July 13. Additionally, we are attending overseas events very actively. The first event was held at Kua Lumpur on May 19. Below are the future events we will be attending.

June 13: London https://mjac.io/
June 27: Amsterdam https://blockchain-expo.com/europe/
July 3: Zug https://cryptovalley.swiss/
July 17: Singapore Hosting Party
July 19: Singapore https://singapore.worldblockchainsummit.com/

If you will be attending the above events, let’s grab some coffee!

Concerning promotion of ICOVO, we applied to listing sites such as ICO Rating, ICO Bazzar, etc. We will start making announcements on BitcoinTalk and Reddit.

Regarding exchange listings, we are talking with those who are in charge but it is impossible to contract with exchange companies before our ICO has ended.

I will be disclosing the progress of our project frequently.

Thank you ICOVO family!



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Akihiro Yamase

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