ICOVO ICO Kickoff Party 2018 in Singapore

The future of Inicial Coin Offering & Cryptocurrency Exchange

Jul 20, 2018 · 2 min read

ICOVO held its kickoff party in Singapore on July 17. Key members from the company talked about ICOVO’s projects, the DAICOVO mechanism (ICOVO’s smart contract implementing the DAICO concept), and our vision.

(CFO Kumada’s speech “We are the ICOVO team”)

Also invited were guest speakers Jack Tran, president and COO of Singapore-based exchange Bluebelt, and Daren Frankel, director of Strategic Markets and Solutions for blockchain-focused fintech company ConsenSys, who both gave excellent talks.

(Jack Tran’s [Bluebelt] speech “The future of exchange”)
(Daren Frankel’s [ConsenSys] speech “Introduction of ConsenSys services”)

From ICOVO supporters and investors to exchange representatives and blockchain engineers, many more people attended than we expected, making it a valuable opportunity to introduce ICOVO from a variety of perspectives.

(The attendees)

The event was held in Singapore, which is overwhelmingly pursuing the fintech and blockchain fields, and the many insightful questions that participants asked revealed just how high the player level is in Singapore.

All in all it was an extremely enriching event and we at ICOVO are full of gratitude. Singapore is one of our bases, so we look forward to following on from this event with continued information exchange and even greater business together.

Thank you to all the participants, guest speakers, and everyone else involved.

We plan to hold more events in more countries from here on out and will announce each of these on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. We are also always taking questions about ICOVO on Telegram, so please join us!

Hope to see all of you again soon.


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