ICOVO products released

Having already released DAICOVO’’, a DAICO model implementing smart contracts, and the “ICOVO App, optimized for ICOs and including a wallet function, we have now launched the web-based publication “Blockchain Insight” for blockchain-driven startups and decentralized society.

You can findDAICOVO” on GitHub, while the “ICOVO app” is available for iOS and Android. Articles are regularly posted on “Blockchain Insight.

DAICOVO: In addition to the functions required by ICO project founders such as issuing, selling, and managing unique tokens, DAICOVO offers smart contracts optimized for ICOs adopting the DAICO model. It introduces a system of original smart contracts implementing DAICOVO in which funds can only be withdrawn according to a project’s pre-loaded schedule by Tap. The completed version is Ver.1.0 and we are working to continue improving DAICOVO in subsequent versions

ICOVO App: Currently offers white list/KYC registration and wallet functions. It is compatible with DAICOVO and will come with functions that allow project founders to easily draft and conduct voting on fund management.

Blockchain Insight: It will capture this rising tide of decentralized society and present the key issues and questions in considering the next generation of economy and governance. We will introduce new thinking and activity related to this next generation so that those creating the businesses of the future can understand the technology and form a new consensus.

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