Post a link, Earn OVO! Check out ICOVO’s Referral Program!

The more clicks you get from posted links on your SNS and Blog, the more OVO you receive. Moreover you will also receive 10% of their purchase.

Check out our Referral Program which anyone can easily participate. For those who support ICOVO’s ICO by sharing our vision and highly value our service, we will distribute OVO for free.

Simple to participate!

Just sign up from ICOVO’s the official website, issue a referral link, distribute it to people who you want to share, or just Pst it on your own Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, blog or Bitcointalk and introduce ICOVO.

※If you already have an account click (or tap) the signup tab and the login letter will be displayed, please click it to proceed.

How to issue and use ICOVO’s referral link

1)Click (or tap) the referral tab on the dashboard.

2)Your unique referral link will be displayed. Copy it by clicking (or tapping) the copy switch on the right side.

3)Introduce ICOVO on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, blogs, or BitcoinTalk by posting your referral link in your introduction.In the case of introduce on Twitter or FaceBook, click (or tap) the tab of Twitter, FaceBook on the screen, the posting screen will be displayed immediately and can be posted easily.

4)The amount of OVO obtained as a reward will be displayed on the dashboard in accordance with the number of clicks (or taps) and amounts invested by investors.

Screenshot when issued referral link is clicked (or tapped) 8 times.
How much can be earn

Speaking of the merits of referral programs, there is a chance to receive OVO for free.

You will receive 0.1 OVO per click of your unique referral link.
※ Multiple clicks by the same person will not be added.

Screenshot when issued referral link is clicked (or tapped) 8 times.

A represents the number of OVO tokens obtained by clicking on the issued link.

B shows the number of OVO tokens that will be obtained if the ICO investor signs up ICOVO’s official website from the referral link issued, participates in the ICOVO token sale and purchases the OVO token It shows.
10% of the number of OVO tokens purchased by ICO investor is obtained free of charge via referral link.

If your referral link is clicked (or tapped) 2000 times, you will receive 200 OVO. Additionally, if an investor uses 10 ETH to buy 40,000 OVO tokens using your referral link, you will receive 10% of their purchase of 40,000 tokens or 4,000 OVO, for a total of 4,200 OVO tokens.

Please participate! 
ICOVO’s Referral Program Click
here !
Caution and information

For their information regarding referral programs are as follows.

・No lockup for the OVO distributed.
・Standard OVO price: 1 OVO = 0.3 USD.
・Only people from countries where solicitation and purchase of tokens are not prohibited can be invited.
・Ends at the end of the token sale.
・The program will end earlier if the 20 million OVO reserved for marketing are used up.
・OVO will be provided within 1 month after the end of the token sale.