We attended the event“BLOCKCHAIN EXPO EUROPE 2018” as a speaker

ICOVO attended as a speaker “BLOCKCHAIN EXPO EUROPE 2018” in Amsterdam, 27–28 June.

ICOVO’s CTO Nishimura and COO Obata will speak about “DAICOVO — A healthier ICO ecosystem with DAICO” on the Blockchain Strategies (Day 1) .

(COO Obata, CTO Nishimura)

CTO Nishimura will take part in “Panel: Understanding the market dynamics for ICO’s token sales and crowd funding” on Cryptofinance and ICO strategies(Day 1) as a panelist.

The panel discussion movie, click here.

And, Nishimura got an interview on the day. Please check it out!!

Was great to be part of the Blockchain Expo Europe 2018 in Amsterdam! Thank you for everyone’s positive feedback and we can’t wait for the next event!!

We plan to hold more events in more countries from here on out and will announce each of these on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. We are also always taking questions about ICOVO on Telegram, so please join us!

Hope to see all of you again soon.

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