We attended the VHCEx launch event “THE LAUNCHING OF VHCEx” as a guest speaker!

On May 20, we were invited as a guest speaker to the launch event of the newly established exchange VHCEx based in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Over 500 people attended from countries all over Asia including Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, and Japan.

ICOVO’s CTO, Nishimura, and evangelist, Ria, spoke at this event. Ria explained ICO markets, ICO issues, and the current situation of Japanese exchanges, and Nishimura gave a detailed explanation of the concept of DAICO, which will be implemented on the ICO platform provided by ICOVO.

(ICOVO’s evangelist, Ria)
(ICOVO’s CTO, Nishimura)

The event was quite exciting from start to finish.

ICOVO will continue to actively attend events and work hard to expand recognition, so keep your eyes on us!

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