We participated in Crypto Valley Association’s talk event in Switzerland.

We will be reporting about what we talked about and some more details during the event in Geneva and Zug.

On July 4th, ICOVO CTO Nishimura and CAO Oliver gave a speech as a guest speaker in Crypto Valley Association’s talk event in Geneva, Switzerland.

CTO Nishimura talked about ICO’s problems to solve and explained ICOVO’s strategy using DAICO. CAO Oliver gave a speech regarding ICO regulations analysis in individual countries and recent ICO market situation in Japan.

We had a lively Question-and-Answer and the heated discussion after the talking session.

We received some searching questions since we saw engineers as highest ratio among the participants. Moreover, there were many participants who seemed to have read DAICO’s concept and DAICOVO(Smart contracts implementing the DAICO model developed by ICOVO) ’s source code in advance.

Let us share you some questions we received that day.

―We understood advantages for investors upon using ICOVO’s service.Then what are the advantages for project’s drafters side?―

Project’s drafters could proof from ICOVO’s DAICO mechanism that they have no aim to run off with raised funds. This will increase project reliability.

−If ETH to local tender exchange rate changes at the situation when ETH is locked to DAICO, for example if ETH price is on big rise, won’t investors suggest and vote for self-destruction in order to receive benefits from ETH?―

If the project is apprehensive about ETH currency fluctuation, it is possible to lock legal tender pegged ERC20 token (DAI etc.) to DAICO. Since total amount locked to DAICO stabilize against the value of ETH, applicable project token’s market value will also adjust influence ETH’s value equivalent which is locked to DAICO.

We received quite a lot of interesting questions and many people seemed to have understood more about ICOVO. It was also a beneficial time for us too.

There was another event in Zug 3 days before this event. CTO Nishimura and Evangelist Ria participated as a speaker. This was also a lively event.

We are so glad to have such a wonderful opportunity.

We would like to thank all the event organizers and participants.

ICOVO will continue talking about ICO’s problems and ICOVO’s vision which will be our solution, by participating in variety of related events. We are looking forward to exchanging opinions and communicating with more people.

Further requests regarding our participation to your events, feel free to contact us. contact@icovo.co


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