Whitelist Verification(KYC/AML) Registration~ICOVO App (Android) Ver.~

This article intends to explain Whitelist verification(KYC/AML) registration ICOVO App ( Android) Ver. using figures

What to prepare in advance
・Cryptocurrency wallet (ICOVO App Recommended) ※

※ Ethereum address registration is required in the procedure. Other cryptocurrency wallet addresses such as MetaMask and MyEtherWallet can be used. However, ICOVO App is highly recommended for simple registration, easy ETH transfers and quick OVO confirmation on App.

To understand the main flow better, we explain in 3-step procedure using figures beginning from the next page.

1. User registration from ICOVO App
2. Cryptocurrency wallet address whitelist registration
3. Verification(KYC/AML)registration

【1】User registration from ICOVO App


On the “LOGIN” screen, tap “SIGN UP’
Fill out your personal information according to each blank and tap “SIGN UP’’. Passwords should be set at least 8 characters.

Confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.
Click “Confirm’’ on the confirmation email.
※If you don’t receive our confirmation email, please try again using other email address

After clicked “Confirm”, below page will be shown.

【2】Cryptocurrency wallet address whitelist registration


On the “PROFILE’’ screen, select “Wallet address(Whitelist)’’ and key in Wallet Address.

If you select “Use ICOVO App Address”, tap “SAVE’’ to proceed.
※you will automatically find your address in “Wallet Address(Whitelist)’’.

If you are using other cryptocurrency wallet, copy & paste your Wallet Address and tap “SAVE’’ to proceed.

Once you set the wallet address for joining ICO you can not change it.

ICOVO App is highly recommended for simple registration, easy ETH transfers and quick OVO confirmation on App.

After below page is shown, tap “OK

※Wallet address (whitelist) registration is required before registering Verification(KYC/AML)Be aware that registered information is unalterable.

【3】 Verification(KYC/AML)registration

You will find “Verification(KYC/AML)’’ under “Wallet Address”

For Verification(KYC/AML)registration, select/key in according to below categories.

Account Type

Select “Private’’ or “Corporate’’ and tap “SAVE” to proceed.

Basic Information

Key in your personal and basic information according to each category and tap “SAVE’’ to proceed.

Upload Photos

Upload your photographed image and tap “SAVE/NEXT’’ to proceed.
※Take a picture without covering the text, numbers and photo on the passport page with your fingers.

Photo of passport: Take a picture of your passport photo page and upload it.

Selfie with Passport: Both your face and passport must be clearly visible and any text.

Invitation Code

Leave the space blank and tap “SUBMIT”.
※If you have “Invitation Code” key in space.
※There is no discount with Invitation Code.

Now, all the procedures are complete.

・ICOVO token OVO is not purchasable with legal tender.
・ICOVO Whitelist verification(KYC/AML) registration procedure is determined based on The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority(FINMA)’s regulation from a perspective of safety and to prevent money laundering.
・Residents of countries that prohibit participation in ICO token sales cannot participate through our platform.

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