“IF” This Can Work I’d Be Happy

So in my last post I had updated you guys with the progress, I currently just finished making a backup which I would advise you all to do to save your valuable time and devote it to things to other than restoring your project. So now we are asked to create an “IF” statement in JavaScript, also known as a Java Conditional. In essence what this conditional statement does is it executes the first block of code “IF” the conditions are met, or “ELSE” it will execute the other set of code. The logic behind it is very simple and it is actually quite easy to make. So let’s see how long it takes me.

So I managed to get one “IF” statement to work and it was quite easy as I was able to do it on my own. But now I’m looking at the rubric and in order to get a level 4 you need to have two “IF” statements and an “all” option. I started with adding the “all” option as it was the easier of the two and all I had to do was take the user input and set it to equal to “all” to execute the block of code. However, making two “IF” statements became really confusing for me because I didn’t understand which ones went where so I began a process known as trial and error and this might take a while and a lot of patience.

Okay so turns out that trial and error works with coding it just takes a lot of time and Google Chrome’s developer options. I found out that you need four conditionals for two “IF” statements. It feels so good to be done with the project it is unbelievable, and its especially nice now because the work from my other courses is really starting to add up so I can work on that for a bit during the class and help out my peers for a bit too. Alongside that there is a portfolio check coming up in a few weeks so I will also have class time to work on that and polish it up before the presentation to my teacher and hopefully impress him because this is all or nothing what I’ve been for an entire semester will be assessed in this.

What I learned through this is that trial and error is another way to code, although it is time consuming you will learn and retain more this way because you are constantly repeating the same content over and over again, right now you can wake me up in the middle of the night and I will be able to tell you how to use an “IF” statement. Learning how to put multiple conditions in the “IF” statement opens up a lot of possibilities because I can now have multiple filters, a login page, and so many other things.