Wrap Up

So this is is, the end of the course has approached, but I like to think positively so I tell myself at least there isn’t a final coding exam. This course has introduced me to the working style of a grade 11 student and how the standards are in grade 11 as far as teacher expectations are concerned. I would call this course a interesting glimpse of my upcoming high-school year. The teacher isn’t heavily involved, at least in this course and upon reflection I realized that they are there if you are ever in need of help but the reason that they let you learn at your own freedom is so you can prepare yourself for the university lifestyle in which the professors aren’t heavily involved and you have to keep up with the workload or else you’ll fall behind.

It has been the reason of me finding cites like w3schools.com and stackskills.com. It has been to reason for me to even consider a career in this working industry because of the post-secondary activity. It has been the reason for me to learn a new editing software known as Camtasia which is the reason that I’ll start up my YouTube channel once again. It has just provided me with things I didn’t expect it would teach me from the course description on myblueprint. I would for sure tell my friends to take this course in the upcoming year if possible because it doesn’t need any prerequisite knowledge even though I had some. I now have my blogs on a publication that hundreds of people read on a day to day basis and I will continue to write blogs as it will push my writing ability to it’s furthest potential.

I hope you enjoyed reading this small chapter of my life, there is for sure more to come so be sure to follow this publication to be updated of my latest adventures which might also inspire you to achieve something. Just set a target in your mind an achievable target, and strive to reach it within a set amount of time.