Deployment tips for Orient Me, Metrics & Customizer (ComponentPack

Nico Meisenzahl
Dec 20, 2017 · 2 min read

Last week IBM released ComponentPack which includes an updated Orient Me version, the new Elasticsearch based Metrics as well as the Connections Customizer. In this post, I would like to share some of the stuff I learned in my first installations and updates.

Overall tips

  • You should recheck the connections-env Configmap after a successful deployment. The Configmap contains all relevant configuration settings. Be sure that those are configured correctly. An example: It is required to customize the orient-cnx-interservice-port and orient-cnx-interservice-scheme settings in an HTTPS-only environment.
    You can use the following command to access and customize the Configmap:
  • kubectl edit configmap connections-env -n connections
  • Be sure to redeploy all necessary pods afterward.
  • In the past, IBM deployed everything within the Kubernetes namespace default. Starting with this release the changed this to the namespace connections. This means you need to add “-n connections” to the end of any of your kubectl commands. Another option would be to change your default namespace to connections. You can change your default namespace by executing following command:
kubectl config set-context $(kubectl config current-context) — namespace=connections

Downsizing the deployment

The deployment is sized to be used in a clustered production environment. This might be a problem in case you would like to run a small development or test environment. This topic is not a new one and I already blogged about it earlier. For this (and future) releases I searched for a more generic solution. Therefore I built a script which can be executed after a successful installation:

# Nico Meisenzahl,
# patch deployment
deployments=($(kubectl get deployments -n connections |awk '{if(NR>1)print $1}'))
for i in "${deployments[@]}"
kubectl patch deploy $i -p '{"spec":{"replicas":1}}' -n connections
# recreate pods
kubectl delete --all pods -n connections
# get pods
kubectl get pods --all-namespaces

It will reconfigure all Replicasets to start only one replica of each service. At the moment it does not reconfigure any Statefulsets.

Once again: This is not supported!

Orient Me deployment

With this new release, you need to reconfigure your proxy configuration on your IBM HTTP Server as listed in the documentation. This is needed to allow access to the new services called App Registry. Unfortunately, the documentation does not mention that there is another new service (Community suggestions) which needs also to be included in the configuration. Review your configuration based on the following example:

ProxyPass /social http://cnx6.pana.local:30001/social
ProxyPassReverse /social http://cnx6.pana.local:30001/social
ProxyPass /itm http://cnx6.pana.local:31100/itm
ProxyPassReverse /itm http://cnx6.pana.local:31100/itm
ProxyPass /appreg http://cnx6.pana.local:30285
ProxyPassReverse /appreg http://cnx6.pana.local:30285
ProxyPass /appregistry http://cnx6.pana.local:32212/appregistry
ProxyPassReverse /appregistry http://cnx6.pana.local:32212/appregistry
ProxyPass /community_suggestions http://cnx6.pana.local:32200/community_suggestions
ProxyPassReverse /community_suggestions http://cnx6.pana.local:32200/community_suggestions

Customizer deployment

After the installation of the Connections customizer, the documentation mentions that it is needed to customize and redeploy the Replicaset using Helm. Unfortunately, you will run into issues while executing the helm install command because the helm package is configured to use an IBM internal Docker repository. To fix this you need to run following helm command within the mw-proxy directory:

helm install --values=/<install_path>/microservices/hybridcloud/bin/common_values.yaml -n mw-proxy .

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ICS & IBM Connections

Stories related to IBM Connections and other ICS topics by Nico Meisenzahl.