Visual Update 1 with IBM Connections 6 and Customizer

IBM published a preview release of the Visual Update 1 for IBM Connections (also known as Project Periscope) end of last year. Since then it’s possible to enable the preview in your IBM Cloud Organisation using the App Catalog.

But you can also test it on-premises with IBM Connections 6 and Connections Customizer. How to do it? You only need to follow the following two steps:

  1. Clone or download the cnx-custom-theme Git Repository (provided by IBM) into your /pv-connections/customizations/ directory or NFS persistent storage
  2. Enable the Visual Update by uploading the org-ext.json file into the App Registry in your Connections environment

Check out my last blog post to get more insights on how to use Connections Customizer.


Visual Update 1 is still a preview release and does not support all Connections apps yet. It’s also not supported on-premises until now. Therefore I do not recommend to use in production yet. But it’s perfect to touch the future of Connections as well as try and learn Connection Customizer!



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