Referral Program: Invite Friends. Earn IDAP tokens and great rewards!

Update (08/03/19): The 200 IDAP signup/referral tokens reward is no longer active. Only the 25% investment referral reward is now on.

IDAP is offering a chance to earn tokens via its referral program! Starting today, participants of the referral program can earn IDAP tokens by inviting friends to join the family with them. We understand that a joy shared, is a joy doubled. Hence, every friend who signs up through your referral will earn 200 IDAP tokens! More so, you too will receive 200 IDAP tokens when they register!

That isn’t all! If a friend you referred buys IDAP tokens, you’ll receive 25% of what they invest. For example, if your friend buys IDAP tokens worth 5 ETH, you will get 1.25 ETH! Win-win!

Furthermore, there is no limit on the number of referrals you can make! Suppose you get 100 friends to sign-up via your referral link, you will earn 200x100, i.e. 20000 IDAP tokens. If each of these friends ends up 5 ETH each, you will get 25% of 500 ETH, i.e. 125 ETH. Win-win-win!

How to Participate*

screen
  1. Login (or sign-up) into your official IDAP dashboard by visiting
Dashboard (email in top-right corner redacted)

2. Go to the affiliate section.

3. Invite friends through your unique referral link.

4. Earn IDAP tokens once your friend signs-up through your referral.

5. Earn 25% when they invest in IDAP.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign-in today, share your referral link through various social media channels and start earning IDAP!