First thing first to know about usΒ (me)

By: Sambat Lim

I basically a student from πŸ‡°πŸ‡­ Cambodia study in πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ Thailand (Prince of Songkla University).when I firstly come to study in Thailand, I found out a very huge different between Cambodian citizen attitude and Thailand. From then I started to find the platforms or places that we can spread what we know. I am privately shy but formally not shy. I believe in step by step change Cambodia through sharing, helping, and taking action.

My photo: Taken in southΒ korea

By posting this post I would like to find more writers, students, editors, and other people out there to come and join us in this Publication. We need every background knowledge in Science, Social, HealthΒ ,and Technology.We can make bi-language post in this publication (Khmer-English).

Sometime your idea and knowledge worth a lot to other people so don’t hesitate to spread out.

I do respect your time and very thank for your volunteering in this action for Cambodia we can make huge change.

Don’t just say β€œI love Cambodia” but don’t do anything.

How to join this community and we can start sharing good idea and knowledge.

αžŠαŸ†αž”αžΌαž„αžαŸ’αžšαžΌαžœ αž…αž»αŸ‡αžˆαŸ’αž˜αŸ„αŸ‡(Sign up)
αžšαž½αž…αžšαžΆαž›αŸ‹αž αžΎαž™αž’αŸ’αž“αž€αžαŸ’αžšαžΌαžœαž•αŸ’αž‰αžΎαžŸαžΆαžšαž‘αžΆαž€αŸ‹αž‘αž„αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αžαžΆαž˜αžšαž™αŸ‡facebook αžŠαžΎαž˜αŸ’αž”αžΈαž…αžΌαž›αžšαž½αž˜postβ€‹αž αžΎαž™αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αž“αž·αž„αž”αŸ’αžšαžΆαž”αŸ‹αžœαž·αž’αžΈαžŸαžΆαžŸαŸ’αžαŸ’αžšβ€‹αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž€αžΆαžšpost αž˜αž½αž™αž…αŸ†αž“αž½αž“αž‘αŸ€αžαŸ”

You are encouraged to join us.

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