Design Column for Loksatta

A year long article-series by IDC faculty and alumni

The Marathi daily, Loksatta, invited various faculty members to write a bi-weekly column over the course of 2016. The articles cover various aspects of design in India, such as “interaction design for illiterates,” “design for less educated,” “text input in Indian languages,” “localisation of interactive devices,” “affordable housing,” “game design,” and “product design.” An interesting aspect of these articles is the expression of design terms in Marathi, creating a usable design lexicon in Marathi, such as अन्योन्यक्रिया अभिकल्पक (interaction designer), अनुप्रयोग (application), etc.

Authors: Prof. Anirudha Joshi, Prof. Uday Athavankar, Prof. Girish Dalvi, Prof. Vijay Bapat, Prof. Mandar Rane, Sanket Kulkarni (IxD batch of 2015)

Complete list of articles:

Jan 2, What is Design?

Jan 16, Scope and Importance of Design:

Jan 30, Game Design:

Feb 13, Challenges of Interaction Designers:

Feb 27, Learning Through Play:

Mar 12, Typography:

Mar 26, Usability of Railway Maps:

April 9, Communication in English on Mobile Phones:

April 23, Affordable Housing:

May 7th: Affordable Housing:

May 21, Typing Challenges in Indian Languages:

June 4, Text Input in Indian Languages:

June 18, Text Input in Indian Languages:

July 2, Importance of Service Design:

July 16, Museum Design for the Next Generation:

July 30, Interaction Design:

Aug 18, Ganpati- Saffron, Blue, Dark or White?:

Aug 27, Affordances, Hidden Messages in Form:

Sept 10, Beyond Literacy — IT for illiterate people:

Sept 24, Concepts in Forms:

Oct 8, Usability and Design:

Oct 22, Is New Technology Only for Young People?:

Nov 5, The Design Process:

Nov 22, Creativity:

Dec 3, Intellectual Malnutrition in India:

Dec 17, Design Thinking:

Dec 31, Design Thinking: