IDC gets a blog!

Welcome to our newsletter-blog, the student-powered publication where you can find out about everything that’s going on at IDC.

In 2018, the school will have roughly 240 students on board at any point. We have 27 faculty members, a large non-teaching team, and nearly 100 project staff or research associates on various ongoing projects. Add to that nearly 1600 alumni. That’s quite a large number of people who’d be interested in what’s going on at IDC, and will like ways to connect and stay informed.

The homepage’s a good place to look, but homepages are not designed for the sort of engagement the community needs now. Students and staff post updates on Facebook and Twitter often, which will remain important channels for announcements. The IDC magazine or the newsletter, has existed in several forms over the years, but of late, has responded poorly to CPR. We’re not sure when or why we stopped writing, but we’re sure it can’t stay this way.

So here we are, waiting no longer, throwing the doors wide open to contributions from all IDC-ians, about design and life at IDC.

Special thanks to InSight, who’ve been helping us set up the team, pushing us to write, sharing their knowledge and experience in being a student media body.

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