Becoming an Idea Machine

A first try

David Rolland
May 23, 2014 · 2 min read

I recently started to follow James Altucher’s blog I found is article about becoming an idea machine appealing. Although I’m not sure if this is really the way to always have heaps of ideas everyday I still find it is an interesting exercise which doesn’t take a lot of time to apply. So from now on I will try to train my brain every day and report my ideas by posting them in the same collection.

The first time I tried to exercise my idea muscle I was obviously stuck before getting to 10, and this is when I realized that I was actually trying to find the first steps to validate my idea. This is where I was wrong as the goal is to simply find ideas, like in a brain-storming session, not to make sure they’re not silly/impossible to bring to completion. So I stopped trying to develop a full business plan for everything I thought about and I just let my mind go with the flow.

My first day was about finding ideas/concept for computer games:

  • Kiwi packhouse sim (I guess working in a kiwi packhouse helped me with this one !).
  • Prehistoric tribes RTS (all games involving some prehistoric aspects always let the player evolve up to a modern era at some point, I would like to stay in prehistoric time all-game-long).
  • Run a small-farm a little bit like a dynamic Agricola.
  • A game where the odors are an important part of the gameplay, without being a hunting game.
  • A game about flirting, a little bit like Larry but more serious. I guess computer geeks will be really bad at this game…
  • A FPS where no one gets killed or injured. This might be more a FP than a FPS…
  • A spider web simulator (arcade style ?).
  • An America’s Cup arcade game.
  • A multiplayer stock trading game involving supply and demand mechanisms. An inspiration would be Acquire.
  • A game involving weather forecasting.
  • A game were the players acts like an OS having to deal with demands from applications/users and manage hardware failures or misbehaviors.

I guess 11 ideas isn’t a bad start for a first try at finding ideas. We’ll see what the next days will bring !

Idea machine

This is where I’ll put the results of my experiment at becoming an idea machine.

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    Necessity creates innovation

    This is where I’ll put the results of my experiment at becoming an idea machine.

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